A Warm Welcome to You

You have landed on the website of Fre(i)e Software GmbH. To our customers we offer a wide range of IT services and consultings. We target corporate businesses that drive (or want to drive) their IT infrastructure on the basis of Free & Libre Open Source Software (such as GNU/Linux). Look and see …

Free Software

We exclusively work Open Source.

Software developed by us will be published under a DFSG compliant Free Software license.

Programmers working with us will naturally become co-copyright holders of the developed source code.

We are not available for less.

Being Authentic

Aside to our technical expertise, here lies our greatest strength: We continuously strive to be authentic and genuine.

We love working together on par with people in our teams and at our customers. We encourage being open and above board with one another.

Genuineness is our highest good.

Mike Gabriel, CEO/CTO at Fre(i)e Software GmbH


We mostly recommend Debian, no matter what use case scenario. We recommend it for Enterprise Workstations, private tablets, schools or data center operations.

Debian can freely and universally be used for any use case imaginable.

If a feature is not available in Debian, there is good chance that we can provide it. In Debian.

We customize Debian systems; we fine-tune them, we beautify them. Until they turn into a product.

Das Programm 'top' im Terminal


We continuously take care of having an inspiring context for the things we do. Within ourselves and on our customers' side.

If we ever fail to hold up with commonly defined goals, we will immediately communicate our failure. We stay in contact with our customers and responsibly work on finding alternative solutions that work for all.

We won’t cooperate on just any project out there. Certain ethical boundaries we don’t cross.

Kundenberatung im Foyer

Enterprise Support

We offer Enterprise Support for running Debian GNU/Linux in your corporate business.

This project is currently still in the makings. We are working on coordinating and designing this project with other IT service providers in the Debian project together.

Get in touch with us, if you are interested…


We foster and respect diversity.

We foster and respect it day to day, in our team, with our customers.

We foster and respect it when dealing with software projects where developers do things differently from how we would do them.

Always and everywhere. Also after work. At home. When on the road.

Please get in touch with us...

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding our service portfolio, regarding Free Software in general or want to know more about our ethics policices.