About us

Fre(i)e Software GmbH has been founded by Mike Gabriel in 2020, as a professional platform for exclusively contributing to the Free & Libre Open Source ecosystem on enterprise business level. »Everything we do is Open Source, we are not available for less.«

Mike has been working as an Open Source IT consultant for over 20 years via his personal business DAS-NETZWERKTEAM. Mike has long-term experience as an integrator, developer and distribution maintainer of Free Software.

Meet the Team

All team members have a clear standing for the benefit of Free Software. Before entering the company most of them already have been active members of the Open Source community.

People in our team can offer a wide range of qualified expertise in areas such as system administration and system integration, web development, development of desktop and mobile applications, etc.


Mike Gabriel
Mike Gabriel

founder, consultant, school IT expert, software developer, Debian Developer

Guido Berhörster
Guido Berhörster
Web & Sofware Developer

web development, Ubuntu Touch developer, GDPR expertise

Carsten Burkhardt
Carsten Burkhardt
System Architect

System Architect, Problem Solver, Game Changer, Digitizer since 1995

Anton Gladky
Anton Gladky
Security Expert

Debian Developer, Debian LTS contributor

Serhii Horichenko
Serhii Horichenko
i18n Translator, System Administrator

i18n (Ukrainian and Russian) Software Translator, System Administrator (MS Windows)

Daniel Teichmann
Daniel Teichmann
Software Developer, System Administrator School IT

software developer, Debian Edu sysadmin, sysadmin for company IT


Raphael Hertzog’s French busines Freexian S.A.R.L. organizes the long term support of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. The Debian LTS project, founded by Raphael and others, provides the foundation for the upcoming Debian Enterprise initiative.
Linuxavdelingen AS
GNU/Linux IT service provider located in the area of Oslo (Norway) with a wide-ranging expertise on public administration IT environments and demandings of a proper school IT setup.

„If you need someone who really knows, what support questions a Linux user might have, book us. For most support requests, we must say: We have been there, we have done that.“ (Klaus Ade Johnstad, CEO Linuxavdelingen AS)

Logo EDV-Systeme GmbH
Our local hardware partner from day one and still so after 20 years of being in the IT business. Whenever new devices and gadgets are needed, be it notebooks, desktop computers, rack servers, Logo EDV-Systeme GmbH are the first people we ring up. At the same time, we closely cooperate with Logo EDV-Systeme GmbH, whenever we need deeper insights into Microsoft products.

Highly recommended (but for privileged partners only) is the delicious Espresso brewed on a camping gas cooker and served by their CEO personally in the backyard of their business facilities.

Open Remote Computing Association (orca) e.V.
German NGO providing shelter for various Remote (Desktop) Computing projects, such as X2Go, FreeRDP, Ogon Remote Desktop, etc.
Teckids e.V.
German NGO focusing on »Free Software and Education«. Currently, Teckids e.V. is the official first contact address to the Debian Edu / Skolelinux team for schools in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
UBports Foundation
The UBports Foundation is the organizational entity behind the ,,Ubuntu Touch'' mobile operating system. Via the UBports Foundation several developers world-wide get contracted continuously to work on Ubuntu Touch and on Lomiri (formerly known as Unity8), the Operating Environment powering Ubuntu Touch.
velocitux UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Professional, green IT Open Source support on two wheels. Cooperation partner for school IT operators, esp. Debian Edu and AlekSIS®, located in the southern region of North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany.